Cooperating with Like-minded Partners Worldwide

Cooperating with Like-minded Partners Worldwide

SinoGuide Sincerely Looks Forward to Cooperating with Like-minded Partners Worldwide

Partner with Conductive Material,Conductive Tape, Thermal Pads Supplier

Sinoguide Technology has been ranked as No. 1 enterprise in the field of thermal interface materials exports for four consecutive years (2012-2016). Ever since its inception, it has adhered to its motto “Honesty, Gratitude, and Responsibility”, and it is committed to product technology innovation, regional market research and professional customer service. In the past several years, it has gained strong brand awareness in US, Europe, America, Asia-Pacific, CIS, Middle East and the African markets.

We hereby sincerely seek channel partners who share our values and possess certain sales and management abilities. Together with our channel partners, we hope to provide the best quality products and services for more and more customers around the world!

Why Choose SinoGuide?

1) Your Most Reliable And Trusted Supplier In The Field Of Electronic Device Cooling. Thermal Pad Exporter, Supplier, Wholesale and Manufacturer

Sinoguide prioritizes providing partners with distribution rights for its latest and leading technology based high-quality heat conductive material products, as well as helping them provide overall solutions that are suitable for the local markets!

2) Unparalleled Production And R & D Capabilities Help You Quickly Gain A Competitive Advantage

Sinoguide’s widely range interface materials are developed based on a modular, standardized, large-scale production process. It has refined inspection standards for its raw material procurement, is customer experience-oriented and has “4 in 1” management system. Sinoguide has been introducing high-quality globally competitive test equipment that help you succeed and stand out against the competition in the market!

3 ) A Mature Marketing Support System

Sinoguide provides partners with a full range of marketing support systems for its material products’ sales management, marketing operations, branding, and project information and training. It integrates partners’ local strengths with Sinoguide’s brand, technology and corporate culture.  This integrated approach will undoubtedly bring considerable economic benefits for you!

Become a Authorized Sale Partner

Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad Supplier – Our company is committed to constant development, which would not have been possible without reliable business partners. We offer complete solutions for product promotion, well-established logistics and experience of successful business. All this, plus your willingness to work productively on mutually beneficial conditions will achieve maximum results. Apply for partnership and get more information via the feedback form.

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