Thermal Gap Filler Pads are high heat transfer media which conform to surface irregularities and adhere to a wide range of shapes and sizes of components; in particular, recessed areas and protrusions.

Where space between mating surfaces varies or is uneven, and where surface textures are normally a thermal transfer concern, the very pliable conformity of the pads is excellent for filling air gaps and minute variations.


A widely recognized axiom of chemical engineering and stress analysis states that, for every 10˚C change in temperature, the reaction is a factor of 2; i.e., mean-time-to-failure of a device can be reduced by a factor of 2 for every 10˚C temperature rise.
Four grades, each with a cost-effective formulation suitable for the thermal conductivity needed on a given application, accommodate most demanding situations. Convenient sheet configurations are suitable for die-cutting, or easy hand-slitting operations.

As shown in the drawings below, even the most highly polished mating surfaces do not make reliable contact surfaces. Complete physical contact is necessary to minimize the resistance to heat flow for the best thermally conductive path. All such surface voids, when properly filled with a conformable, thermally conductive gap filler pad, will in most cases exhibit close to the continuous characteristics of a solid metal of the same dimensions.

thermal impedance versus surface contactFactory Price Thermal Gap Filler/Thermally Conductive Pads, Gap Filler Pad

Silicone thermal gap filler with nature tack for CPU, GPU, VGA, CMOS chip. Thermal Gap Filler Pad is designed to be used in the applications that require the minimum amount of pressure on components and moderate thermal conductivity

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SinoGuide™ Enhanced Thermal Gap-filling Materials

Thermal Gap Filler Pads and Gap Filler Material for Any Thermal Solution

The Main Difference of SinoGuide Brand Thermal Gap Fillers

The thermal gap filler pad selection guide and comparison tables:


TCP Series Type Application Guidelines Typical Thermal Conductivity Test Method
TCP 110U Series  Fiberglass Reinforcement gap filler pad 1.1 ASTM-D5470
TCP100 Series Low heat conductivity gap filler pad 1.0 ASTM-D5470
TCP150 Series General Purpose gap filler pad, UL94 VO-V1 class  1.5 ASTM-D5470
TCP200 Series General Purpose gap filler pad, UL94 VO class 2.0 ASTM-D5470
TCP300 Series high heat conductivity gap filler pad 3.0 ASTM-D5470
TCP500 Series Very high thrmal conductivity gap filler pad 5.0 ASTM-D5470
TCP800 Series Extremely high performance thermal gap filler pad 8.0 ASTM-D5470
AL20 Series Carbon fiber filled, Highest performance heat conductivity gap filler pad 35 ASTM-D5470
AL50 Series Carbon fiber filled, Premium thermal conductivity gap filler pad 50 ASTM-D5470
TCP20 Series High thermal resistance , low conductivity, high compressible closed-cell silicone foam 0.2 ASTM-D5470


The tables will help you find the material that best suits your application needs. Also, if any help is necessary, simply contact us and we will be more then happy to assist you.

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