Sinoguide’s metal etched parts can be designed in a variety of shapes, percentage open-area, and in a variety of metals.

SinoGuide specializes in the manufacture of precision light gauge metal parts from .0005″ thick and up. The photo etching process (also called photo chemical etching and photo chemical milling) allows us to produce intricate metal components with close tolerances that are impossible to duplicate by other production methods. Photo etching eliminates the cost of hard tooling, improves design flexibility, and shortens lead times while eliminating burring and stress problems. SinoGuide is setting industry standards for the manufacture of encoders, masks, filters, lead frames, Battery Grids, flat springs, strain gauges, laminations, MicroEtch Screens, chip carriers, step covers, Fuel Cell Plates, heat sinks, shutter blades, electron grids, fluidic circuit plates, reticles, drive bands, haptics, and shims.

Metal Etching mesh screenmetal filter chemical etching mesh screen

SinoGuide has a abundant experience in the manufacturing of metal etching filters, meshes, screens and grids. Key requirements include high accuracy, fine apertures, no “breaks” in the bars and burr- and stress-free. Due to the bespoke nature of each user’s requirement, SinoGuide offers solutions customized to your individual requirements.



Photo Chemical Etching RFI Shielding CansPhoto Chemical Etching RFI Shielding Cans

Photo Chemical Etching is well established as an ideal solution for EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) challenges, by providing a quick and cost effective method for RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) shielding.

SinoGuide provides cost effective specific designs in very short time scales, so board level shielding does not have to be compromised by the use of “standard of the shelf” products. We can work to exact requirements, for example single piece cans, two part fence and lid designs, tear off lids or multi compartment types. All are available in “through hole” or “surface mount” variations.

SinoGuide can surface etch the part number or company logo and any other information on to the part at no extra cost. Surface etched “folding lines” allows the screens to be formed without the need for expensive form tooling. This saves costs and also enables parts to be supplied flat for hand folding at your chosen manufacturing site or supplied as fully formed items.

SinoGuide can supply the shielding cans in the following materials:
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Phosphor Bronze
Brass/Copper Alloys
Thickness range is customized

We can also process the surface plating for you too(Nickel, Silver, Tin, Sn, Gold etc.)

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