SinoGuide is committed to shielding material, heat conduction materials, absorbing materials and magnetic materials research and development, manufacturing and sales.

In our changing world, we’re increasingly reliant on electronics — to communicate, to work faster and smarter, and to push the boundaries of innovation. From smartphone users to drivers, we all need our electronics to be reliable.
SinoGuide’s electronics components are engineered to provide excellent electrical performance and durability under challenging conditions, and our electrochemicals materials support fuel cell technology in energy-efficient vehicles.

EMI/EMC and Thermal Innovative Material Manufacturer

Our EMI shielding and grounding solutions offer features and material characteristics that ensure reliable performance in mobile electronics like smartphones, tablets, notebooks and automotive electronic control modules. The wide-ranging shielding materials in our portfolio are marked by high compressibility, easy installation, low DC resistance and superior conductivity — amounting to products that shield reliably even in harsh environments, and electronics that work just as they should.

Electrochemical Materials
SinoGuide can also provide environmental solutions through fuel cell technology. Our fuel cell components offer high durability and power density to meet the world’s growing energy needs while addressing environmental concerns. Fuel Cells can be used for cars and buses; for stationary applications, acting as backup power for critical systems and remote locations; in portable applications like generators and compact charge devices; and for co-generation, sourcing cost-efficient heat and power for homes.

EMI Shielding & Grounding Solutions – Automotive Electronics

EMI Shielding & Grounding Solutions – Mobile Electronics
Our EMI Shielding Solutions offer unique features and reliable performance for demanding applications. SinoGuide offers a variety of material types and application forms, which range from highly customized precision die-cut solutions to standardized off-the-shelf solutions.
Die-Cut Gaskets provide a dimensionally consistent, conformal interface and are particularly well suited for cavity-to-cavity shielding. These die-cuts are ideal for high volume applications and can be installed rapidly and accurately to a cover or board without curing.

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