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Thermal interface material(TIM) or Thermal Pad is space saving solutions to managing heat. They are used to fill the gaps between heat sinks and microprocessors. Even when not seen by the naked eye, microscopic air bubbles can be present in this space between the components, which when heated can harm the long term productivity and lifespan of the entire product.

Thermally Conductive Gap Pad Product Line

Thermal Gap Filler Pad, thermal pad

What is so called thermal pad? All thermal conductive pad family products are thermal interface materials, which are used to fill in air gaps between heat-generating electronic device and heatsinks or metal housing or chassis for intimate contact over rough or uneven surface textures to eliminate air gaps and reduce thermal resistance with high conformability.

REACH, RoHS, UL Compliant;
SinoGuide Thermal Product Catalogue

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Soft with high compressibility to reduce thermal resistance and enhance thermal conductivity optional thermal conductivities for your cooling applications. Naturally sticky cost effective solutions with competitive price. Thermally conductive silicone rubber heat transfer pads and gaskets for all your thermal solutions.

SinoGuide brand thermal pads are ideal for height differences and unevenness in heat sinks and to bring the elements to be cooled. Given their high elastic and low hardness is achieved already by a low pressure is a very good fit to the surface. There are balanced all the large and small differences in elevation, even of microscopic grooves to visible imperfections.

Thermal Pad Main Applications Blow

suggested application of thermal pad

– Between electronic components such as semiconductor, CPU, MOS, IC and heatsink.
– LCD TV, Telecom device, wireless Hub, NB, PC, Led Lighting, power supply etc.
– Cooling Module, Thermal Module, in all applications where a metal housing is used as heatsink.
– Heat pipe interposer plates Laptop PCs, high-density handheld portable electronics, electronic ballasts & various automotive applications.

Thermal Pad Type Selection

Thermal Pad  Type Application Guidelines Thermal Conductivity Test Method
 TCP Series W/m-K
TCP110U Fiberglass Reinforcement and Good thermal conductivity pad 1.1 ASTM D5470
TCP100 Ultra Soft, General purpose heat transfer pad 1.0 ASTM D5470
TCP150 Good thermal conductivity gap filler pad with nylon mesh 1.5 ASTM D5470
TCP200 Good thermal conductivity thermal pad with nylon mesh 2.0 ASTM D5470
TCP300 High performance conductivity gap pad 3.0 ASTM D5470
TCP500 High performance conductivity gap pad w/hardened side 5.0 ASTM D5470
TCP600 High performance conductivity gap pad with nylon mesh 6.0 ASTM D5470
TCP750 Very high heat conductivity gap pad 7.5 ASTM D5470
TCP20  Low conductivity, high compressible closed-cell silicone foam 0.2 ASTM D5470
AL20 Carbon fiber filled, Highest performance heat conductivity thermal pad 35 ASTM D5470
AL50 Carbon fiber filled, Premium thermal conductivity pad 50 ASTM D5470
TCSF200 High performance heat conductivity silicone free thermal pad 2.0 ASTM D5470


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Other Commonly Used Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal Grease

thermal grease, pasteThermal grease/paste is suitable for CPU heatsink or chip, and it is syringe design for easy operation.
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Thermal Insulators

Thermal Insulators
Thermally conductive interface materials (Insulators) are applied to fill the air gaps between the heating elements.
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Thermal Tapes

Thermal Tapes
Thermal conductive tape is used for bonding heat disspation fins to microprocessor or power consumption semiconductors
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Silicone-Free Thermal Pad

SinoGuide new launched Ultra-soft non-silicone thermal pad, silicone-free thermal conductive gap filling pad
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