EMI Shielding & Grounding Solutions – Automotive Electronics

Grounding and shielding products must maintain signal integrity, ensure electrical performance, and do so without breaking under mechanical stress. The automotive SMT Supersoft EMI gaskets from Gore are durably built to provide highly reliable grounding with the convenience and precision of SMT installation in telematics, infotainment, instrument cluster, advanced driver assistance systems and other electronic systems.

SinoGuide is committed to shielding material, heat conduction materials, absorbing materials and magnetic materials research and development, manufacturing and sales.

In our changing world, we’re increasingly reliant on electronics — to communicate, to work faster and smarter, and to push the boundaries of innovation. From smartphone users to drivers, we all need our electronics to be reliable.
SinoGuide’s electronics components are engineered to provide excellent electrical performance and durability under challenging conditions, and our electrochemicals materials support fuel cell technology in energy-efficient vehicles.

EMI/EMC and Thermal Innovative Material Manufacturer

Our EMI shielding and grounding solutions offer features and material characteristics that ensure reliable performance in mobile electronics like smartphones, tablets, notebooks and automotive electronic control modules. The wide-ranging shielding materials in our portfolio are marked by high compressibility, easy installation, low DC resistance and superior conductivity — amounting to products that shield reliably even in harsh environments, and electronics that work just as they should.

Strong R&D

It takes us over five million yuan to establish the powerful R&D team and sophiscated production lines to ensure the continuous improvement for our production and fulfill a SHORT lead time.

Diversified Product Portfolios

In our EMI & RFI shielding materials section, you’ll find a wide range of shielding sheets, along with shielding strips and also shielding aerosols.

Very Effective & Reliable

With our extensive knowledge and experience in EMI shielding materials, effective EMI solutions can be offered promptly and directly via our technical support in 7/24.

Great Support

Our prominent service and quality help our clients proceed without any doubts and troubles and we help each other to be on a greater stage.

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Etching Stainless Steel in China

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