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Advanced Equipment & Facilities

“ISO 9001 , Quality Control System”

Innovation, performance and customer satisfaction are SinoGuide’s guiding principles. We understand the importance of ISO9001 total traceability for our administration system as part of your quality audit process. Therefore, Our IT team have developed a new business management system in a universally accessible “filemaker” format that enable us to trace every step of your inquiry and manufacturing order in finite details . Our intention is to make this new system accessible to all customers by registering at some point in the future as part of the rolling development. This will allow immediate access to historic manufacture, previous orders and copies of the manufacturing QA inspection reports.

More efficiency – thanks to perfectly tailored solutions

Sinoguide Technology factory employees

Strong R&D

It takes us over five million yuan to establish the powerful R&D team and sophiscated production lines to ensure the continuous improvement for our production and fulfill a SHORT lead time.

Diversified Product Portfolios

Wide Range of Thermal Interface Materials
Thermal Conductivity:
0.2 W/m.k
1.0 ~ 7.5 W/m.k

Very Effective & Reliable

With our extensive knowledge and experience in thermal management, effective thermal solutions can be offered promptly and directly via our technical support in 7/24.

Great Support

Our prominent service and quality help our clients proceed without any doubts and troubles and we help each other to be on a greater stage.



State-of-the-art Technology with 10 Years Experience

With 10-year experience in TIM’s production and state-of-the-art facilities, SinoGuide, as the flagship company in this industry, continuously invests in R&D for launching high-end thermal products to meet various demands from our customers worldwide.

SinoGuide Developing Solutions for The Electronics Industry

Our solutions and services enable more efficient and more intelligent production throughout the world. In our references, you can learn about our comprehensive industry expertise and customized solutions.

Let us show you the value Sinoguide offers.

Metal Photo Chemical Etching Process

We all know just how versatile the photo etching process can be, allowing us the opportunity to work on a variety of different materials and metals with highly accurate results and low levels of error. The use of chemicals to etch out a design or pattern in metals that are otherwise strong and durable is […]

Etching Stainless Steel in China

Acid Etched Stainless Steel in China; SinoGuide produce over 10 million components per annum for leading companies across multiple markets and process approximately 10 tonnes of raw material