SinoGuide Brand Heatsink Thermal Pad

SinoGuide Brand Heatsink Thermal Pad

In computing and electronics, thermal pads (also called thermally conductive pads or thermal interface pads) are a pre-formed square or rectangle of solid material (often ceramic or silicone based) commonly found on the underside of heat sinks to aid the conduction of heat away from the component being cooled (such as a CPU or another chip) and into the heatsink (usually made from aluminum or copper). Thermal pads and thermal compound are used to fill air gaps caused by imperfectly flat or smooth surfaces which should be in thermal contact; they would not be needed between perfectly flat and smooth surfaces. Thermal pads are relatively firm at room temperature, but become soft and well able to fill gaps at higher temperatures.

GPU CPU Heatsink Cooling Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad

thermal pad for heatsink
Key Feature:

1. High thermal conductivity
2. High soft and compressible for high stress applications
3. Excellent natural tack, easy to apply and remove
4. Excellent cost performance and Good insulator
5. Shock & vibration absorber



The surface of a CPU or a heatsink is never entirely flat; if you place a heatsink directly on a CPU, there will be tiny (invisible) gaps between the two. Since air conducts heat poorly, these gaps have a very negative effect on the heat transfer. Therefore, an interface material with a high thermal conductivity is needed to fill these gaps, and thus improve heat conductivity between CPU and heatsink.

Years ago, when CPU hat power dissipations around 10 watts, a thermal interface material was optional, and most often used by overclockers to improve cooling performance. With todays CPUs, it is an absolute requirement.

LED Lighting Heatsink Thermal Pad

LED manufacturers need to achieve maximum cooling potential for applications where extreme heat is constant and space is limited. One of the most challenging issues with the use of LEDs is the control of unwanted heat. The most common way to dissipate this performance-hindering byproduct is to connect the LED package directly to a heat sink.

To maximize the cooling performance of the heatsink,  SinoGuide offers its line extremely soft TCP Series thermal management materials. Our LED lighting heatsink thermal pad are ideal for LEDs that are quickly becoming the clear choice for longer lasting, more sustainable lighting solutions. In order to meet the consumer experience expectations and maintain sustainability of LEDs, thermal management is essential.

Before making a purchase based on thermal conductivity, you should test the product performance in your particular application. You will be pleasantly surprised by SinoGuide performance.

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