Thermal Interface Materials to the Power Electronics.

The increasing performance and integration of electronic components has not only enabled greater equipment functionality but often delivers this in smaller and smaller form factors. Associated with this trend is the expectation that power supplies will also become more compact. Initially this demand was addressed by the adoption of switch-mode technology but the continuing trend has led to increased power densities. Part of the remedy for this is to use higher switching frequencies and more efficient designs. However, the inescapable conclusion is that there will always be a need for effective thermal management in power electronics.

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Source thermal pad overseas and you can enjoy significant cost savings. Save as much as 30% on thermal pad materials using China factories. The products quality and service are excellent…IF you deal with the right overseas factory and IF you have a company like SinoGuide that has a firm handle on the myriad customs and shipping details.

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Nightjar 500W fanless power supply use SinoGuide TCP series interface materials. Once the large external heatsink is removed, we can see the internal layout. The top surfaces of the internal heatsinks are fitted with thermal pads to conduct heat into the external heatsink when attached.

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Thermal pads materials provided by SinoGuide are used in a variety of electronic applications and industries including computers, laptops, tablet PCs, smart phones, routers, LEDs, solar, medical device, power supplies, wireless devices, and the automotive industry.

A variety of specific? compounds are available for a wide range of performance requirements in Sheets, Rolls, Die-cuts, Sleeves, Gel, Extrusions, Moldings.

Our innovative technology and extensive production capabilities allow us to manufacture reliable, easy-to-use materials at low cost and with fast deliveries.

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