SinoGuide is a reputable developer and manufacturer of Thermal Interface Materials and Value Added fabrication services to satisfy your product requirement. Be aggressive worldwide expansion with emphasis on unique technologies and advanced management philosophy.


Our Dongguan factory was founded with 12 etching lines (6 horizontal and 6 vertical etching lines) in making precise metal parts and filter screens through photo etching over 10 years.

Our photo chemical etching service is providing precision metal components for a variety of industries.


We have evolved over the years, adding new products like Microwave Absorbers, Thermally Conductive Silicones and Functional Elastomers into our portfolio and have the capabilities to undertake high volume manufacturing in high precision Die Cutting, Compression Molding and Photo Etching Processes. 



Shenzhen Sales Office

Rm#911-912,Block 12, Huayao BLG, No.1 Pingan Road, Pinghu Town, Longgang district, Shenzhen, P.R.China


R&D Center

Flat/Rm 01,21/F,Prosper Commercial Building, 9 Yin Chong Street,Kowloon,HONG KONG


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Our Service

By combining and delivering innovation, reliable fulfillment, and speed, we stay ahead of the competition and capture the mindshare of our customers who value our capabilities.

SinoGuide Developing Solutions for The Electronics Industry

Sinoguide contributes to people’s daily lives as well as to the advancement of industry and sociaty by providing key materials and technologies.


Let us show you the value Sinoguide offers.

Why Choose Us

State-of-the-art Technology with 10 Years Experience

With 10-year experience in TIM’s production and state-of-the-art facilities, SinoGuide, as the flagship company in this industry, continuously invests in R&D for launching high-end thermal products to meet various demands from our customers worldwide.

Strong R&D and Assured Quality & Manufacturing Capability

It takes us over five million yuan to establish the powerful R&D team and sophiscated production lines to ensure the continuous improvement for our production and fulfill a SHORT lead time.

Effective & Reliable Thermal Solutions Provider

With our extensive knowledge and experience in thermal management, effective thermal solutions can be offered promptly and directly via our technical support in 7/24.

High Production Output and Guaranteed Lead-time

With many sets of imported advanced equipment, it ensures our high daily output and stable lead-time to be more competitive within the markets.

Diversified Product Portfolios for Your Choice

We offer diversified categories of thermal interface materials with reliable properties, including Thermal Pad, Thermal Insulation Sheet, Graphite Sheet, Thermal Tape, Thermal Grease, Thermal Encapsulation Sealant etc.

Wide Acknowledgement from Our Clients

Our prominent service and quality help our clients proceed without any doubts and troubles and we help each other to be on a greater stage.

Etching Stainless Steel in China

Acid Etched Stainless Steel in China; SinoGuide produce over 10 million components per annum for leading companies across multiple markets and process approximately 10 tonnes of raw material

Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad

The newly developed series of products have both high thermal conductivity and excellent electrical insulation properties, which stem from SinoGuide's advanced polymer and thermally conductive filler composite material technologies

SinoGuide Is In The Business Of Solving Problems

The world’s Leading Supplier of key materials; There are many features available to help you complete your project